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  • Updo: $105

  • Blowout: $50

  • Events*

*On-location weddings, photo shoots, and other special events will be consulted on an individual basis. May include a travel fee and a minimum number of styles.


Color & Highlights


  • Single process: $100-$160

  • Gloss: $60-$90

  • Double process: $160-$250


  • Full head $195-$250

  • Half head $160-$200

  • Face frame $110-$150

  • Add gloss $40-$80

Color Correction: $90 an hour*

*This service requires a consultation to determine the appropriate route.



Cuts include wash, head massage, and style (except curly cut, which has to be done dry).

  • Women’s cut: $45-$60

  • Men’s cut: $30-$40

  • Curly dry cut:* $40

*Please come with your hair dry, curly, clean, and down, This is a stylistic cut, so it is very important to be able to see your natural curl pattern when performing the service. No wash included - dry cut only.

About Services

  • Single Process: a single process is a color service done in one step. Usually used to cover greys or go darker. Can be used to go lighter in some cases but only if you have no color on your hair (this includes henna, colored conditioners, rinses, and glosses). Root retouching is just the roots, a full all-over color change may require extra time and charge. 

  • Full Head: full head highlight service includes both balayage and traditional foil highlights. This service adds dimension all throughout the hair. Your stylist will consult with you to choose the best method for your hair goals.

  • Half Head: balayage or foil highlights all over except for the back underneath portion of your hair.

  • Face Frame: balayage or foil highlights just around the face.

  • Gloss: also known as a toner. A non-permanent color that adds tone and shine. You can only go on level or darker than your current hair. Great for canceling out warmth on brassy highlights between services or refreshing your single process to be richer or more vibrant.

The following services are not available for online booking because we prefer to do an email consultation or have a quick phone chat to make sure you are booking the correct service.

  • Double Process: usually used to go a solid blonde all over. All the hair is bleached out and then a toner/gloss service is done on all the hair. 

  • Color Correction: if you have color on your hair already and want a significant change you may fit into this service. We will probably ask you to email us a photo of your current hair and your hair goals to let you know what’s possible to achieve. Usually takes multiple appointments to reach an ideal color. 

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